Parent & Child Tournament

Graham & Dom Bruce mowing down the opposition
Graham & Dom Bruce mowing down the opposition oh gosh .. I think that might be the Chadwicks

Despite the gloomy weather everyone seems to have had a lot of fun. In fact so much so that many were already talking about next year’s event! There were a lot of keen parents who wanted to show just what they can do – and yes, we were impressed! However I did see some of you miss that easy smash -you know the one that you call easy from the sidelines when your child is playing ……..


Prego rolls flowed and nonsensical prizes were awarded and kudus to Tony Soares and Glen Sullivan who walked away with the “Do not give up your day job” prizes. I think everyone will agree that they definately tried hard!

Thanks to everyone who played and supported – you were the ones that made it a success.  

The winners of the six sections are:

Aidan and Artur Carrazedo

Vaughn and Glen Hunter

Jessica and Kim Wilson

Tremayne and Shane Mitchell

Nicole and Garth Robinson

Mickey and Nompumulelo

In the final showdown between the two sets of winners with the highest scores Aidan and Artur beat Vaughn and Glen in a tie-break.

P&C winners
Glen, Vaughn, Aidan & Artur

Special thanks to Sharon Jorgenson, Sharon Beukes, Ingrid Cloete and Tracey Bulmer for their donations of prizes and also to Altech NuPay for their promotional items.

Money raised will go towards Inter Pro, High and Primary Schools Tournaments next year.