Squad Updates

The private schools break up this week but we still have squad on a Saturday until 18th September so I hope to see most of you at Ellis Park on Saturday.

The finals of the Mini Series are being played as I send this to you.  The results of the squad players participating will be sent out next week but I should like to thank all of you who did play for making it an enjoyable although not totally free of problems tournament!!  The next ‘big’ one coming up will be the Nationals in Bloemfontein from 28th September to 4 October 2010 so don’t forget to enter.

I should like to extend our congratulations and good luck to Dylan Walters who is flying off to Korea on Tuesday as part of the SA Schools team.  We will look forward to a hearing all about your most interesting trip Dylan.  Play well and enjoy the wonderful opportunity you have been given.

I am trying to organise a match against Gauteng North as well as the North  West Squad and together with the coaches am looking at another new and different idea.  Will tell you once it materialises.  Those of you lucky enough to be going away during these short holidays, have a good time, and the rest of you we will see at squad.