Squad times change next term

Those of you who were here last week will know that the squad sessions were taken by Warren Kuhn and Sebastian Wernecke in the absence of our coaches.

I want to thank both of them for a wonderful job done.  It is not easy to step into the shoes of a coach and take control of a squad such as ours no matter how often you have been part of that squad.  They were both so enthusiastic and had the squad working very hard and the result was that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well done both of you.

We have this Saturday with some of the private schools still on holiday and then two more before our last squad on Saturday 18th September.  That Saturday (18th) is also the finals of the Bundes League which starts at Ellis Park at 12h30 so perhaps you would like to stay and see some very good senior tennis.

Next term, starting on Saturday 9th October will see a change in the squad times. Instead of the U16’s and U18’s always having to be at Ellis Park at 7h45 we will have the U12’s and U14’s starting at 7h45 (sorry parents) and the U16’s and U18’s at 9h34. 

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.