GC High Schools Committee Invitation

As directed by SATA, Gauteng Central Province has been asked to officially establish a Gauteng Central High Schools Tennis Committee.

We hereby invite all school officials, staff, parents, coaches and interested parties to attend a meeting to be held at St Stithians College on 10 November 2010 at 18h30.

The following matters will be addressed:

– Election of a chairperson
– Election of a vice chairperson
– Election of a secretary   
– Election of a selection committee (3 people)
– League organiser (Boys/Girls)
– Additional members

This committee will be responsible for drawing up a constitution, running and organising a Gauteng Central High Schools Tennis Tournament, provincial schools team selections and various other tasks/projects involving Gauteng Central Schools Tennis.

RSVP before 4 November 2010 to: mmasencamp@stithian.com

Venue: St Stithians Boys’ College – Henning Block Lecture Theatre. 

Yours faithfully

Marius Masencamp