Newsletter No 9


Our summer leagues have finished and CONGRATULATIONS to all the section winners. Bundes League was again centralized at Ellis Park with the German Club winning the mens and Bryanston Sports Club the ladies. A word of congratulations to Bryanston. They wore their club shirts with pride and it proves the old adage that when you look like a team, you play like a team and that is exactly what they did. They were pushed to the limited by Bedfordview Country Club on the final day and their fighting spirit was underlined by Roz Dold. Having been injured due to a spasm in her leg during the second set, she hung on, gamely and lamely, to win the match in the super tie break and then take the court for her doubles.

Talk about team spirit, guts and determination, it was all evidenced in her performance. The pain was worth it in the end and quite rightly, the champagne flowed afterwards.

We managed to retain basically the same number of teams playing the league as we have for the mixed league which is currently under way.

A small plea to the clubs. Please ensure that your results sheets are filled in correctly. The most common “faults and omissions” are;

1. The league and section not identified which means that we “play” Sherlock Holmes to try and marry it to the correct section.
2. We have asked for the score sheet to identify the players with their full names. This is not always done, but we went one worse this year with one club only putting INITIALS to identify their players. This is not acceptable to us and it is only through the full names being shown that we can check whether the registration fees have been paid.
3. Please ensure that both captains sign the score sheet.


Our squads are back, up and running but we go into the period of Matric exams for our more senior junior players, which naturally has a small impact.

We take this opportunity of wishing all those of you who are due to write your Matric exam shortly the very best of luck before you leave the close confines of the school for the big outside business world. Some of you will be going onto University and further studies of which the Matric forms the springboard, so good luck to you all.

We have our junior tournament in December just after the schools break up. This is usually a big event and we see no reason why this year should be any different. The dates are 11th to the 14th December.


We will be hosting the sixth and last leg of the KeyHealth Open at Ellis Park. This has been a new addition to the tennis calendar and has given both the senior and junior players the opportunity of playing in an open tournament, something which has been missing from our calendar of late.

As I write the entries closed over the weekend and at a glance the men have over 60 entries with the ladies on 30.

The qualifying will take place at Ellis Park over the weekend of 30 and 31 October with the main event running from 5 to 7 November.

As this is the final leg of the event we are anticipating that the places for the Masters event, to be held in Pretoria from 4-5 December, to be keenly sought which should produce a high quality field and level of tennis.

There is a total of R30000 up for prize money covering both mens and ladies singles.


We are pleased to say that we have resurfaced a number of our courts, and with the aid of the Municipality and World of Sport, the grounds are looking in far better shape and condition. Hopefully we will shortly have some summer rains, and then we should be looking gloriously green and lush again. There is something about winter lawns in this part of the world that do not seem pleasing on the eye, whereas the lushness of summer grass gives us all a lift of spirit.

So this is an ideal time to come and see some excellent tennis in what we are sure will be eye catching grounds after some rain.


Although at this stage we can not go into details, but we have seen the proposed developments as recommended by the Junior Committee at SATA and are encouraged that they are for the benefit of the game as a whole.

We had hoped to have had them ratified by the time this was written, but as soon as we have the formal authority, we will send out a special Newsletter detailing the relevant changes.

All we will tease you with now is that if they are ratified, there will be a lot more tennis for our senior players all around the country. This, as we said earlier, is something that is in short supply for those players over 18 and has been a bone of contention from us as a Province for quite a number of years.

The prospects look good and we, as your Executive, have endorsed these suggested changes.

W A T C H     T H I S     S P A C E