New League for SA

SATA, with consent from the Gauteng North Tennis Association, is supporting this league, on a pilot program basis in the Gauteng North area until December 2011.  This is a private initiative owned and operated by a registered member in good standing with SATA.
Flexitennis is South Africa’s brand new flexible tennis league for men, women, and juniors. It’s designed to provide an organised and competitive league format, but with a flexible playing schedule.
Flexitennis bridges the gap between league play and social play in the sense that it gives you the best of both worlds, i.e. competitive play but without the time commitment of a whole Saturday afternoon. If you are fortunate enough to play club league already, then you can play Flexitennis in the other two seasons or, if you are a tennis fanatic, you could play both club league and Flexitennis all year round.
However, the most exciting feature of Flexitennis is the fact every player manages their own league online! Club managers or league secretaries don’t have to do anything.  Leagues, such as Flexitennis, are used in several countries around the world and have helped to draw many players to the game.
Flexitennis has been running in Grahamstown since 2010 and has recently opened its doors in Gauteng North.  Based on the Gauteng North pilot project, other major  South African areas will be considered to host similar Flexitennis leagues from January 2012.
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