Saturday 4 June Squad

The match for this Saturday, 4th June will involve the following players:

ELLIS PARK  07H45 TO 12H00:

UNDER 12 BOYS                                                     UNDER 12 GIRLS
Michael Altshuler                                                          Alex Martin
Charl Morgan                                                                 Maja Gledic
Hugh Morgan                                                               Julia Fleming
+ player from Soweto                                                Jessica Assenmacher

UNDER 14 BOYS                                                  UNDER 14 GIRLS
Matthew Anstell                                                          Salsie Pieterse
Michael Copeland                                                       Iman Hassim
Charl Liebenberg                                                       Tayla van Eck
+ player from Soweto                                              + player from Soweto


UNDER 16 BOYS                                               UNDER 16 GIRLS
William Lane-Mitchell                                            Nkosi Buhle
Mitchell Fieldgate                                                   Divya Johnson
Shaquille  De Jager                                                 Caitlin Herb
+1 player from Soweto                                       + 1 player from Soweto

UNDER 18 BOYS                                              UNDER 18 GIRLS
J P Johnson                                                              Natasja Williams
Gerrit van Eeden                                                     Tyra Timm
+2 Soweto players                                                 Ashleigh Branfield
+1 Soweto player

Please note that there will be no squad  for those not playing in the match as Barrett’s Courts have got to finish resurfacing all our courts before our KeyHealth tournament on 3 July.  They are currently resurfacing 5 courts therefore there are not enough courts for both the match and squad.

Squad on the 11th June will see Marius Masencamp back with us and the last squad on 18th June, Eric van Eck will be back with us – definitely not to be missed.

Although there is a public holiday on Thursday 16th June we will still be having squad on the 18th as it is the last one before we break up for the holidays.

Don’t forget to enter the Gauteng Central Keyhealth Tournament – Ellis Park, 3-7 July, the Gauteng East Keyhealth Tournament  – Benoni 8-12 July plus Marks Park Junior 13-16 July.

I look forward to seeing you all at squad on Saturday 11th June.