Selection of Players

As you all know Gauteng Central is playing Gauteng North on Saturday with the Under 12 and Under 14’s playing in Pretoria from 08h00 to 12h00 and the U16 and U18’s at Ellis Park.  As a result of the teams having been chosen it has been brought to my attention that certain parents are concerned that their child/children have not been selected to represent this province.  I have said before many times and I will say it again, if your child has not attended squad since the beginning of the term (for whatever reason) he cannot be expected to play the match over and above other players who have been attending Saturday morning squads.  How do you select one player whom you have hardly seen at squad over another player who is committed and has been coming on a regular basis.  That to me is quite unfair.  The strength of the players is certainly taken into consideration but we do not play these mini interpro’s to win at all costs and I will not sacrifice loyalty for strength. The attendance registers are put out every Saturday morning and as we are not dealing with babies, the players must take the responsibility of ticking off their names.

That being said, if you have a problem please feel free to contact me as I am always more than happy to discuss any decisions taken.