Match Against GN

What a busy weekend we have ahead of us!

The following U12 and U14 boys and girls will play in Pretoria at Groenkloof  on Saturday from 08h00 to12h00: U12’s – Tadija Radovanovic, Justin Liebenberg, Dylan Garraway, Christian Sommer, Jessica Assenmacher, Tamsin Hart, Jessica Schlebusch and Anique Engelbrecht.

U14’s – Richard Thongoana, Liam van den Berg, Ryan Liebenberg, Matthew Garraway, Alex Martin, Maja Gledic, Caitlin Klaasen and Dianie Myburg.

The U16 and u18 boys will play at Ellis Park and they are: Juan-Louis van Antwerpen, Dylan Walters, Jesse Soicher, Martin Currin, Tremayne Mitchell, Aidan Carrazedo, Ivan Briechle and Juan-Philip van Antwerpen. The Girls U16 and U18’s are unable to play because of a High Schools tournament.

There will be normal squad for all the other players as per usual on Saturday.  This is only the first mini- interpro so you will all get a turn to play for Gauteng Central during the year.

Sunday 4th, Ellis Park at 08h30 will see the U15, U17 and U13 boys schools trials taking place.  Most of you will therefore have a full weekend of tennis.

To all of you, good luck, play to the best of your ability and most of all enjoy what you are doing!