Ellis Park welcomes you on Saturday

I am sorry I have been so hard to get hold of but with the SA Open Wheelchair tournament starting tomorrow I haven’t had a chance to do anything but run around in circles!

Ellis Park is looking wonderful – clean and spick and span and I urge you to pop down over the weekend to see the top 100 players in the world.  They are here from Japan, U.K, Holland, Germany, USA, America, SA and more.

As you all know there is no squad tomorrow  and unfortunately no squad again over the long weekend of 28th April.  We are not able to take part in the Gauteng North Team Challenge from 28th April to 30th April in Pretoria because we either send all teams e.g. U12,14, 16 girls and boys  (24 players) or non at all.  I just cannot fill every age group so we will have to miss out this time.  They assure me that next year it won’t be scheduled over a long weekend and will not clash with other junior tournaments.  For those of you who responded positively, thank you and I am sorry if you are disappointed but there is always a ‘next time’.

I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow – play starts at 09h00.