Marius to take Sat Squad

Marius Masencamp is the visiting professional coach for this Saturday so please do make every effort to come to squad and enjoy working with him.

Peter Dickson, Pro Stringers, our resident stringer at Ellis Park will be giving a short talk (about 30 minutes) to players and parents at the beginning of each session on Saturday.  Parents stay and hear how he can advise and improve your child’s performance by using the latest strings and stringing methods.

The following Saturday, 9th June is our last squad for this term and Eric van Eck will be joining us so that is one session not to miss.  The first rugby test match between South African and England will be played at the Ellis Park Rugby stadium on the 16th June and I have been told that access to the area will be restricted even though the match is in the late afternoon.  Ellis Park Sports who run the rugby stadium have requested I cancel squad on that day to avoid any problems with access to the tennis grounds.