Back to Normal

We are back to normal this Saturday 11th August for those of you who are in Johannesburg and not away playing the Daveyton tournament at Gauteng East.  The private schools have also broken up but nevertheless I hope we have a good turn out. The following Saturday 18th August Gaynor will be at squad so that is something to look forward to.

How about the snow yesterday?  As you all know Ellis Park is the coldest place in Johannesburg –  when it rains it rains hardest at Ellis Park but yesterday it paid off!!  We had heavy snow from about 10h00  for an hour and this place looked like a picture postcard of somewhere in Switzerland.  When I left the office the snow was thick on the ground, the trees just covered in snow and I had to have the windscreen wipers on full in an (almost) blizzard.  It was truly beautiful.  Going north there was hardly any snow and certainly at Craighall Park we had some but nothing like good old Ellis Park.

Hope it warms up for Saturday!

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