New finishing time for U12 & 14 Squad

Lets hope that this Saturday 18th August we have a better turn out at squad.  I know some of you are away and there were tournaments being played but with Gaynor at squad tomorrow I am hoping for a good turn out.

I should like to mention that the coaches feel it better to have the second session of U12 and U14’s from 10h00 to 11h30 instead of 12h00 as it is a long session for them.  Please arrange to fetch at 11h30 tomorrow.  If it isn’t possible Bundes League will be starting on Saturday so I will be at the courts.  No one will be left here on their own.

We are playing a match against Gauteng East next Saturday, 25th August so I would appreciate you letting me know who would be available to play for Gauteng Central.  The Under 16’s and 18’s are going to play in Benoni with the U12’s and 14’s playing at Ellis Park.  It should be a fun morning.

Well it’s a little warmer so here’s hoping I will see more of you at Ellis Park tomorrow however with Bundes League starting at 12h00 I know some of you will be playing for your clubs and will not be able to come to squad at 08h00.


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