Last word for 2012


I am so sorry that we had to cancel the Chadwick Doubles and Round Robin and the end of year braai and presentation. I couldn’t believe it when it just went on and on raining – every other Saturday has been fine but I guess that is Murphy’s law!! I should like to thank those parents who offered to bring salads on Saturday and hope you were able to make use of them yourselves. I should like to re-schedule the Doubles and Braai for Saturday 19th January at 08h00. We will have the first squad meeting on January 12th and the next weekend we will have a braai and the Chadwick Doubles. I will check the entries with you and hope that most of you can play on the 19th.

The squad invitations for 2013 were ready to give out on Saturday but I will have to email them to you this and next week. If anyone who is currently in the squad does not receive one by the 7th December, please phone me on 083 691 2567 as some of the email addresses maybe incorrect. You are all invited back for next year except some of the current under 18’s who will be too old. We are sorry to see you go but wish you well in your chosen career paths next year.

To all the parents, thank you so much for support and for being part of Gauteng Tennis last year and I sincerely hope to see you all back at Ellis Park in January 2013. I wish you all a very happy festive season and best wishes for 2013.