Happy Holidays


We have come to the end of the second term with tomorrow being our last squad for a while. I know the Gauteng East Mini Series starts and although our new squad coach, Jean de Lange will be at Ellis Park I expect some of you will be in Benoni.  I am just repeating the tournaments available to you these holidays:

MarksPark Junior from 27 to 30 June

KZN Keyhealth in Durban which takes place from 5 to 9 July.

Gauteng East Keyhealth (on your door step) takes place from 10 to 14 July.

 Although the schools go back on 15 July the Gauteng Central Mini Series will be held at Ellis Park for the weekends of 20/21 and 27/28 July so squad will only start on Saturday 3 August 2013.

 The second term attendance has been very low and we hope that next term will be better.  We have a Team Challenge in Pretoria to look forward to in August which will run over the long weekend 9, 10 and 11 August plus a match against the Vaal on 24 August and Gauteng East on14 September 2013.

 Play well and enjoy your tournaments over the next few months.