Successful Inter-Pro

The 30-45+ IPT held in Johannesburg from 7th to the 11th October was a huge success! The lion certainly roared! Congratulations to Hector Kingwill and the Gauteng Central Committee and especially the young IPT Sub-Committee, Chaired by Nicky Loram for hosting one of the best Interpros ever! The players were treated to excellent venues, fabulous weather and outstanding functions with record attendance figures! The Bryanston Country Club was the ultimate function venue with delicious food, fantastic service and the most outstanding facilities! The standard of tennis was exceptional and there were fiercely contested matches played at seven different venues in search of the elusive gold and silver medals!

Final results: Well done to all our players – you certainly did us proud. 

30/35 A CUP
1. Gauteng Central A
2. Gauteng North B
3. Gauteng Central B

30/35 B CUP
1. Northern Cape A
2. Gauteng Central B
3. Mpumalanga B

40/45 A CUP
1. Gauteng North B
2. Gauteng North A
3. Gauteng Central A

40 B CUP
1. Gauteng Central D
2. Gauteng North C
3. Mpumalanga B

45 B CUP
1. Gauteng North C
2. Gauteng Central C
3. Gauteng Central C

30+ MEN
1. Gauteng North A
2. Western Province B
3. Gauteng East A

35+ MEN
1. Gauteng Central B
2. Gauteng Central A
3. Gauteng East A

40/45+ MEN
1. Gauteng North A
2. Gauteng North B
3. Gauteng North C