Richard Makes ITF/CAT Selection

GCTA congratulates Richard Thongoana on his selection to represent South Africa at the 2014 ITF/CAT Southern African Junior Championships from 4-12 January 2014, in Gaborone, Botswana. The full team is:

Girls Under 12: Lara van der Merwe (NWP)
Boys Under 12: Khololwam Montsi (GN)
Girls Under 14: Zoe Kruger (GN) and Corin de Waal (BOL)
Boys Under 14: Philip Henning (FS) and Christiaan Worst (GN)
Girls Under 16: Zani Barnard (GN) and Lee Barnard (GN)
Boys Under 16: Calvin Jordaan (WP) and Richard Thongoana (GC)

The coaches will be Terrey Schweitzer (GE) & Jared Temlett (KZN).