Exercise Solutions


EXERCISE SOLUTIONS workshop and on court demonstration will take place this Saturday 21st June at Ellis Park. Zac Van Heerden will start at 08h00 with a presentation in the tuckshop followed by tests and drill demonstrations on court. Parents are very welcome to attend both the presentation and the on court activities. As I mentioned in my last email, Exercise Solutions conduct this workshop at no cost to us and I feel we should all support them.

This will be the last squad for the term as the schools (some of them) break up on 27th June. Normally we would start squad practice on the first Saturday after the schools go back but we are having a Mini Series starting on the 19 & 20 and ending on the 26 & 27 July at Ellis Park so squad will start again on the 2 August 2014.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.