Attention all High Schools


TSA has received an invitation to participate in the ISF World Schools Championships from 8th to 15th March, 2015 in Doha Qatar. The invite is for the best boys and girls high schools teams from a country. The players must be born in the band 1997 to 2000. Each team consists of 6 players per gender and a teacher/coach. The balance of the delegation to be made up of a nationally rated umpire younger than 25 and a head of delegation.

Each team is responsible for the cost of flights and accommodation of the six players and the teacher/coach. One team will bear the cost of umpire and the other the cost of head of delegation. While it is not possible to provide a definitive cost at this stage, but based on current information the cost will be in the region of R22000 to R24000 per player or between R 132 000 and R144000 per school. The boys and girls teams will be responsible for the appointment of the team teacher/coach. The TSA Schools Committee will in consultation appoint the umpire and head of delegation.

TSA has no current system in place to determine the top school, but for this first year of participation interested schools can apply by submitting the names of the top 8 boys and or girls born between 1997 – 2000 that will still be at the school in 2015 and will be available for the event. The teams with the lowest ranking will then be selected to take up the opportunity.

The cost of participation will be for the players and or participating school.

Applications should reach TSA no later than 15th September, 2014. Please send entries to David Jaquire at (link sends e-mail). On approval of the application to represent South Africa, the nominated schools will be required to pay a deposit of Euro 640 per school by 25th September, 2014.