Squad 6 September


Tomorrow ‘s squad will be taken by Jean de Lange and Clive so please try and support our visiting professional coaches by coming down to Ellis Park.

I know there is the Mini Masters in Pretoria next weekend and congratulations to those of you invited to participate. That is a great achievement and you should be proud of yourselves.

Unfortunately we had a nasty incident at Ellis Park last Saturday with Martin Dijkhuis having his cell phone and wallet taken out of his tennis bag. Once again PLEASE do not bring valuables to squad and leave them in your bag. You can always use the phone in the office if you need to call your parents. Obviously we do not know who the perpetrator was. I strongly suggest that you leave your bags on the top level of the stand next to court 2 where it is in full view of everybody and therefore ‘not easy’ to open up without being observed. Martin’s bag was on the floor behind the stand between court 2 and 3. It is not what we want to take place at squad but we can all learn from it – it can and does occur wherever you leave bags unattended. Sorry it had to happen to you Martin.