Final Squad for 2014 Cancelled

Unfortunately I think I have left the final squad ‘too late’ as I have only had confirmation for catering purposes from 3 families making a total of 6 players!! I am sure you understand that we cannot have a final breakfast and presentation to only 6 children so I have no option but to cancel squad this Saturday. Thank you to those of you who have let me know that you cannot attend on Saturday.

May I take this opportunity of thanking all of you for your participation in the squad this year and all the support I have received from parents and players. I should also like to thank the professional coaches who have taken squad throughout this year for their time and expertise. We are most fortunate to have their input and I hope it will continue next year. As our provincial coach, Clive is always available to give advice and support which has been invaluable to me. He is committed to the squad and to assisting all of you in achieving the most out of playing tennis. Wendy Chadwick has once again made our website the best there is and has kept everyone up to date. On behalf of players and parents, thank you so much Wendy. Dear Adelade, thank you for making all those toasted sandwiches and always been available to look after the tuckshop for squad and tournaments

I will send out an email in the January as to how the squad will work next year. We have had a fall off of players this year but due to a TSA ‘Inter Region InterProvincial’ for all ages (similar to the old U12, 14, 16 and 18 Junior Interprovincial) envisaged for 2015 where only current squad members will be eligible for selection, might swell the numbers once again. Once we have players in all age groups we can then organise mini interpros against the other provinces or regions as they are now to be called! The general feeling from players seemed to be that the ‘stronger’? players did not come to squad practice because the standard was weak, however if all the squad members did attend then surely the standard would have been stronger? I should like to inform those players that there were some very strong players that came week after week despite school activites and private coaching etc, etc, however the bottom line is that if you want to be part of the squad, you will make the effort to attend.

Clive and I hope you all enjoy the holidays, have a merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2015.