Club Registration Fees for 2016

ATTENTION: Club Chairpersons and Secretaries

The following breakdown applies to Registration fees for Gauteng Central Tennis Association (GCTA and Tennis South Africa (TSA).

To quote from the GCTA Constitution “All fees payable to the Association shall be paid by the 1st day of March of each year.”   Some clubs do not have final club membership lists as early as the beginning of March but please contact me and we can extend the period.

“An affiliated club shall not be exempt from payment of registration fees in respect of a member who is also a member of another affiliated club.”  I am asked this question numerous times.  A person may be a member of as many clubs as he/she wishes but registration fees to GCTA must be paid by each club he/she belongs to.

“A ‘club’ means a minimum of 12 full members having the exclusive use of at least two tennis courts conforming to regulation size.”

The breakdown of fees:


Annual amount of R190.00 to GCTA

Annual amount of R220.00 to TSA

TOTAL amount payable to GCTA R410.00 per player


Annual payment of R80.00 to GCTA

Annual payment of R30.00 to TSA

TOTAL payment of R110.00 to GCTA per player

JUNIOR LEAGUE PLAYERS (Under 14 league only)

Annual payment of R70.

Annual payment of R30.00 to TSA

TOTAL payment of R100.00 to GCTA per player.


Annual payment of R190.00 to GCTA

Annual payment of R220.00 to TSA

TOTAL payment of R410.00 to GCTA.

When paying fees clubs must submit an annual registration return listing in alphabetical order  the names of its members.  All fees payable shall be deposited into the bank account of GCTA and the Association will pay on to TSA their portion due.

Banking details:

Standard Bank

Ellis Park Branch  code 004 605

Account number:  00 22 43 121

Name: Gauteng Central Tennis Association.

Should you have any queries please contact me at or on (011) 402-5615 / 083 691 2567.