2016 TSA Junior Masters



6 – 9 October


Strand (Boland) Venue(s) TBA


  • Top 14 ranked player’s in respective age groups (combined ranking) based on ranking of Monday 8 August (8 weeks prior to the Masters)
  • Two (2) TSA Invitational spots, based on TSA Selectors recommendations
  • In the event of a player qualifying in more than one age group, the player will have the opportunity to determine in which age group he/she wishes to compete


The 16 players will compete on a Round Robin basis, followed by semi-final and finals, along with respective Play-Off positions

Four (4) groups will be formed, each comprising of four (4) players

  • Group 1 = No1 Player, Group 2 = No2 Player, Group 3 = No3 Player & Group 4 = No4 Player
  • Players ranked 5 to 8 will be randomly drawn across the groups, starting with Group 1 and ending with Group 4
  • Players ranked 9 to 12 and 13 to 16 will be drawn as per the above point into the respective groups
  • The players finishing No1, 2, 3 and 4 in the groups will play off for final positions as follows:
    • No1’s will compete for positions 1 to 4
    • No2’s will compete for positions 5 to 8
    • No3’s will compete for positions 9 to 12
    • No4’s will compete for positions 13 to 16
  • The Play-Off draws will be conducted after the completion of the Round Robin, with the players from Groups 3 and 4 being drawn to play against the players from Groups 1 and 2:
    • Group 1 vs. Group 3 or Group 4
    • Group 2 vs. Group 4 or Group 3
    • The same will apply for all Play-Off positions


  • 6 October – (Double Round):

No1 vs. No4 in each group
No2 vs. No3 in each group

No1 vs. No3 in each group
No2 vs. No4 in each group

  • 7 October:

No1 vs. No2. In each group
No3 vs. No4. In each group

  • 8 October:

Semi-Final Play-Offs

  • 9 October:

Finals and Final Position Play-Offs


  • Ranking points will be awarded based on the same ranking tables used for the TSA Series
  • Only players completing the entire tournament will qualify for ranking points, irrespective of reasons for possibly withdrawing


  • Invitation letters will be sent on Monday 22 August following the acceptances being finalised
  • Players accepting the invitation, do so for the full duration of the tournament
  • Tournament Director: Pierre Montgomery
  • TSA Referee: Ephraim Motsiane

Prizes will be in the form of trophies. Unfortunately due to lack of sponsorship the Travel Grants will not be allocated for 2016.