International Tennis Club 3 way friendly tour to London

The International Tennic Club (IC) of Great Britain has invited IC South Africa and IC Canada to a three way friendly tour. Participants will play at Edgbaston, St George’s and Hurlingham clubs, all on grass. The players have also been invited to the IC Ball and to Wimbledon on day 1 as guest members and to a function at the Canadian Embassy. The tour starts on Tuesday 27th June and ends on Monday 3rd July. The South African touring party includes:
Jean Hubert
Danie Botha
Perry Grant
Chris Lister-James,
Terry Rosenberg
Ricky Buwalda
Laurie Butlin
Rob van der Schyff
Rene Plant
Rosanne Duke
Lynne Hughes-Butlin
Terrey Schweitzer
Sharon van der Schyff
Leonie Grondel
Danny Buwalda
Have a totally awesome time!