Results of the combined club league 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the various sections. Thank you to all the players/organisers who sent in the results each week and those who were able to assist me in any outstanding scores. Certificates are available but cannot be emailed to you. Contact me to collect.
I trust you all enjoyed the 5 weeks of league and looking forward to the next league starting on the weekend of 12 August 2017.

Results of the combined league 2017:

First League Section 1:
Marks Park A
Boskruin A
Old Edwardians A
Randburg A
Northern Suburbs A
Bryanston Sports A

First League Section 2:
Rivonia A
Marks Park B
Fairland A
Rivonia B
Boskruin B
Pirates A

First League Section 3:
Randburg B
Marks Park C
Bryanston Sports B
Marks Park D
Rivonia C
Northern Suburbs B

Second League Section 1:
Pirates B
Old Edwardians B
Bedfordview A
Marks Park E
Fairland B
Jeppe A

Second League Section 2:
Modderfontein A
Pirates C
Mondeor Sports A
Bedfordview B
Fairland C
Kenrho A

Second League Section 3:
Randburg C
Discovery A
Wanderers A
Country Club JHB A
Boskruin C
Rivonia D

Second League Section 4:
Bryanston Sports C
Craighall A
Modderfontein B
Bedfordview C
Rivonia E
Fairland D

Second League Section 5:
Bryanston Sports D
Jeppe B
Marks Park F
Boskruin D
Mondeor Sports B
Pirates D

Second League Section 6:
Bedfordview D
Jeppe C
Bryanston Sports E
Fairland E
Discovery B
Wally Moreton A

Second League Section 7:
Modderfontein C
Kenrho B
Boskruin E
Fairland F
Wanderers B
Mondeor Sports C

Second League Section 8:
Rivonia F
Modderfontein D
Modderfontein E
Bedfordview E
Randburg D
Country Club JHB B

Second League Section 9:
Bryanston Sports F
Modderfontein F
Northern Suburbs D
Boskruin F
Marks Park G
Wally Moreton B