Marks Park take both men’s and ladies Bundes League titles

Bundes League has come to an end for another year. The overall winners in the Mens section was Marks Park A who beat Bedfordview A on their head to head match on 26th August 20/7 so although they lost to Randburg this last weekend are still the winners with Bedfordview A the runners up.

In the Ladies section Marks Park A are the winners with Bryanston A runners up. Well done to the Boskruin ladies on beating Bryanston Sports A on Saturday but Bryanston still have more points overall so remain runners-up.

Saturday 9th September
Bedfordview A vs Fairland A 21-4
Marks Park Avs Randburg A 10-16
Old Edwardians vs Wanderers A 16-10

Boskruin A vs Bryanston Sports A 13-5
Rivonia A vs Old Edwardians A 11-6
Randburg A vs Marks Park A 3-15

Congratulations to Marks Park Tennis Club and we thank all players for participating.