TSA 2017/2018 Junior Rule Changes


The following Tennis South Africa rule changes have been approved for implementation as follows:
Effective from 1 December 2017:
1. Playing Out of Age Group:
Players who elect to Play Out of Age Group (Playing Up) will only earn the points of the higher age group if they reach the semi-finals or higher i.e. finish within the top 4 of the tournament. If the player does not reach the semi-finals or better, the appropriate points of the players actual age group will be awarded based on their final position achieved.
Example: Player A is u14 and elects to enter u16. Player A finished 8th overall. As Player A did not reach the semi-finals/finish in the top 4, Player A will receive position 8 points according to the u14 points table. Player A is u14 and elects to enter u16. Player A finished 4th overall. Player A will be awarded 4th position points based on the u16 table as Player A reached the semi-finals which is the minimum requirement.
2. Junior Masters:
The Junior Masters draws will all comprise of an 8 Draw for all age groups i.e. u12, u14, u16 and u18. The final acceptance formula (Direct Acceptances, TSA Invitational Spots etc) will be finalized early in the new year and circulated. However it is important to note that all age groups will have an 8 draw only and u12/u14 will no longer be a 16 draw.
3. Junior Nationals and Junior Masters Actual Age Group:
Junior Nationals and Junior Masters must be played in a players actual age group. These are the only two tournaments in which a player MAY NOT play out of age group.
4. Ranking Points Table Adjustment – African Junior Championships:
The rankings points tables for the AJC u16 and u18 events have been amended and will come into effect when the 2018 AJC takes place. Revised tables will be loaded on the TSA website shortly.
5. Player’s Attire / Clothing:
Players are reminded to please check the Dress Code/Attire section of the Code of Conduct section 2.3 Dress and Equipment. While we realise that these are based on the ITF regulations, TSA events do allow common sense in terms of acceptable tennis attire.
However, the following is unacceptable attire:  Beach wear  Any non tennis related clothing i.e. Football teams identification  T-shirts containing large logos (both tennis and other related logos)
Special mention needs to be made that players wearing compression shorts (cycling shorts) may do so, only if these are worn under shorts (boys and girls) or a skirt (girls). Compression shorts on their own WILL NOT be permitted.
Effective from 1 January 2018:
6. “No Let” Rule:
Effective from 1 January 2018, ALL TSA Junior Events will be played using the “No Let” Rule on the service. The ITF have introduced this for 2018 on all Junior ITF events.
This means that if a 1st or 2nd serve hits the net and lands within the correct service court the points immediately continues.
During doubles, if the serve hits the net and lands in the correct court, the player that is receiving that particular serve must still return the ball. The College rule is NOT being applied where either player may return the ball. The CORRECT receiver is still responsible for making the return.