TSA to pilot coaches mentorship programme


TSA will shortly be launching a pilot mentorship programme aimed at widening the demographic of registered coaches in South Africa, by creating more sustainable coaching opportunities for both black and female coaches. The new programme, which launches in early 2018, will focus on two pathways:

1. Creating opportunities in the tutor/coach developer space.
2. Creating sustainable job opportunities in the coaching space.

The first year of the pilot programme will focus on 45 coaches in South Africa. TSA’s intention is to initially assist coaches who have undertaken courses – especially at Play and Stay level, but have not had the opportunity to create a career for themselves in the tennis coaching environment.

TSA’s Provincial structures will have the opportunity to nominate coaches, and applications will be submitted to TSA for adjudication. The mentorship programme will cover:

1. Sponsorship of the selected coaches 2018 TSA Coaches Registration Fees.
2. Skills/Training courses – covering: Child Protection, anti-doping, computer skills, business administration and first aid.
3. Sponsorship to attend National Instructor or Advanced Instructor Courses.
4. Sponsorship to attend Provincial CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Workshops.
5. Work integrated learning and help to prepare for assessments – at either TSA accredited Centres of Apprenticeship or TSA Growthpoint Development Centres.
6. Assistance with drafting CVs, as well as job placements.

For more details, as well as to view the full plan, click here.