GC 2018 Junior Squad


Invitations have been sent out to selected players inviting them to join the Gauteng Central Tennis Association junior squad for 2018.

Gauteng Central is pleased to announce that Jared Robinson will be hosting the Saturday morning squads this year. He is a registered level 1 TSA coach, an ex GCTA player, played Division 1 College tennis in America and has years of coaching top juniors in the USA and more recently South Africa.

Jared has some exciting plans in store for the players this term. Every week the squad will have a different focus for the day. This will allow players – no matter what game style they play- to improve on a part of their game that they are already proficient in, or work on improving a part of their game that they don’t have confidence in. Jared’s goal for the players attending the squad is to improve and become well- rounded all court players which is what the modern game requires. The exceptional thing about the squad is that players get exposed to different styles of play from their peers and there is absolutely no pressure!!

The squad will meet on Saturday mornings from 08h30 to 10h30 at Ellis Park during the Government school terms. Should you accept you will be expected to attend regularly, however we do understand that schools demand your participation in other disciplines too. We will organise mini interprovincials against neighbouring provinces at least once a term plus having a squad ladder where challenge matches will be played on a regular basis.

Full details are in the letter that we sent and we look forward to your positive response.