Wilson R100 000 Challenge returns to Benoni

For the past five years, sporting equipment giant Wilson have held their popular Wilson R100 000 Challenge and this year they will host it again.

The 6th Wilson R100 000 Challenge will be played over two weekends this month, 13-15 April and 20-22 April at the Gauteng East Tennis Centre in Benoni, Gauteng.

The tournament will cater for juniors (boys and girls under 14) as well as a men’s and women’s event. The juniors and women’s singles events will be 32 draws and the men’s event a 64 draw. There will also be a doubles event in section with doubles sign in taking place on site.

On Friday the 13th, play will start at 13h00 allowing under 14 school going junior boys and girls a chance to play the prestigious event without being absent from school.

“We play the tournament specifically over two weekends which allows scholars and business people the chance to play and not have to take off school or work” said Brad Summers of Wilson.

Already confirmed to play in the men’s event are seasoned players, Paul Anderson, Chad Brown, Lloyd Segal – all from Gauteng Central and De Villiers Kroon of North West Province.

In the women’s event, notable entries include Angela Georgieva, Samantha Muller and Shannon Cox – all from Gauteng Central.

The tournament entries have closed and Tennis South Africa (TSA) will announce the seeds on Thursday.

The Wilson R100 000 Challenge is played under the auspices of TSA. There is no spectator entrance fee, tennis and sporting fans are encouraged to visit Benoni and support the local tennis stars.

The seeds were announced as follows;
Lleyton Cronje (GN)
Gerhardt Becker (GN)
Gerhard Swart (GN)
Liam Day (GE)
Victor Putter (GN)
Paul Anderson (GC)
Mehluli Sibanda (GN)
Alec Beckley (GC)
Rayne Roselt (NWP)
Ryan Christensen (GC)
Jamie Graham Davis (GC)
Mathew Muller (GC)
Lloyd Segal (GC)
Muzi Sibanda (GN)
Louis Pretorius (GC)
Brendan Zackey (GC)

Angela Georgieva (GC)
Samantha Muller (GC)
Shannon Cox (GC)
Michelle Ncube (GC)
Tracey Bulmer (GC)
Mbali Langa (GC)
Neo Mafuyeka (GC)
Mia Dittberner (GN)

Boys Under 14:
Alexandar Simovski (GC)
Jordan Goergiev (GC)
Lwazi Ngwenya (GC)
Benjamin Scott (GC)
Kyle Erwee (GN)
Stuart Van der Merwe (GN)
Connor Doig (GC)
Wian Roothman (GC)

Girls Under 14:
Mikayla Faure (GN)
Makhosazana Stewart (GC)
Kagiso Ledwaba (GN)
Amy Bloch (GE)
Ane Dannhauser (GC)
Erin McKenzie (GE)
Isabella Basson (GN)
Tayla Wilmot (GE)