Thank you Andrew Comrie!

TSA presented Andrew Comrie with a TSA Seniors Blazer at the Seniors Workshop on 17th Nov. He was also presented with a small trophy acknowledging his years of service to TSA Seniors.

Andrew has played an incredible part in Seniors tennis during the past fifteen years. His knowledge of stats and his ability to manipulate data have been nothing short of remarkable. He wrote the first DOS BASED software for SAVTA whilst he was still working and then after retirement he wrote the Windows based software which was used not only by SAVTA but many provinces and clubs over the years. It is still in use by some.

He worked for SAVTA until 2008 and then TSA until April 2010, when he retired. He volunteered to be a specialist member of the NSC until the software for rankings, tournaments and IPT’s were completed. He continued running tournaments, assisting with software problems, ranking and statistics for another seven years! He also continued taking minutes at all NSC meetings, Refereeing at Senior Tournaments and updating the ranking & seeding rules each year. He has been an invaluable member of the NSC and will be sorely missed!