Wayne Ferreira takes Lloyd Harris under his wing


Two-time Australian Open semi-finalist Wayne Ferreira is set to work with young, up-and-coming South African tennis star Lloyd Harris.

The 21-year-old Harris has just broken into the top 100 in the world and was victorious in his opening round clash at the Delray Beach Open on Monday.

According to the ATP Tour’s official website, Ferreira is working with Harris in an advisory role during the Delray Beach tournament.

“I think it’s amazing. Obviously Kevin (Anderson) is our stalwart and he’s doing great and he’s grounded and everything,” Ferreira said.

“But we always have to look for the new generation of kids coming in.

“It’s always important to have somebody doing well to inspire the younger generations.

“Lloyd is very, very good. He’s a great kid, a good tennis player and I think he’s going to be very good.”

The pair are expected to spend the next two weeks together on a trial period before deciding anything permanent, but Harris seems pleased with Ferreira’s input so far.

“He’s incredible. The things he reached in tennis, the amount tournaments he won. He was one of the best players ever from South Africa and I think I’ve been learning a lot from him the couple of days he’s been around,” Harris said.

“He’s a really nice guy and it’s also nice that he’s a fellow South African. I think he can give me a lot of good advice and small mental tips, small tennis tips that can really help me a lot.”
Credit News24 Photo: ATP