Match in Africa a resounding success

Congratulations to John-Laffnie De Jager and his team at No Boundaries for hosting such an amazing event in South Africa showcasing two tennis legends – Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal. The Match in Africa was a huge success breaking world records for crowd attendance and raising millions for the Roger Federer Foundation.

John-Laffnie sums it up in his own words – “4 Years ago I had a dream to bring Roger Federer to SA. I shared my dream with my best friend Norman Celliers and the two of us started to make plans. Thank you Norman for your guidance and support. Friday night my dream came true. Firstly thank you very much to Roger Federer who trusted our company No Boundaries to host the Match in Africa 6. To Holger Losch my partner for all your hard work and helping me to make this a reality. You are a machine. To every member of our team who work so hard with passion and determination and took ownership of this event. You are the best. Eduard Coetzee you are the best. A big thank you to everyone who bought tickets and supported the event. It was an awesome night. We showed the world what South Africans can do. We set a world record for crowed attendance and showed how to play tennis in a soccer stadium. I am very happy and so Blessed. Thank you.”