A proposal for the return of tennis

Earlier today, Tennis South Africa submitted a proposal to the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture for the proposed return of play of the sport in South Africa.

This proposal makes the case that tennis (as well as other non-contact, individual sports) needs to be considered as a low risk activity, in the context of the national risk adjusted strategy.

This document further suggests that some limited and highly regulated tennis activities could be allowed – even under level 4 of the national risk adjusted strategy.

It also includes guidelines for how tennis could return in a staggered and manageable basis, in a way that is completely aligned to the five alert levels of the national risk adjusted strategy. These tennis guidelines have been shaped by international best practice, including guidance from the International Tennis Federation, but also consider our local conditions.

Please note the following:
1. There would be no fee charged for this proposed COVID-19 license.
2. Coaches cannot apply for one yet – it is currently a proposal for national government consideration.

To view the full proposal document please click here

Source: Tennis South Africa