COVID Level 1 tennis regulations


Following the State President’s address last night – including his announcement of the country’s move to lockdown Alert Level 1, please note the following changes as detailed by Tennis South Africa (TSA), in terms of all tennis activities, with immediate effect:

Mandatory Mask wearing:

Wearing of masks is still important under alert level 1 and is mandatory when in public. Everyone is required to always wear a mask, except when playing.

Amended curfew:

The new curfew hours are now from 00:00 – 04:00, meaning that all tennis facilities must close by 23:00 at the latest, to allow workers and patrons an opportunity to return home safely in time for the curfew.

Social Gatherings:

Gatherings are permitted under alert level 1; however indoor gatherings may not exceed 50% of venue capacity up to a maximum of 100 people. Outdoor gatherings may not exceed 50% of venue capacity up to a maximum of 250 people. Please note that all health protocols must still be observed at all times, including maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 meters between people and wearing a mask.

Alcohol Sales:

Alcohol sales are permitted as normal, meaning licensed clubs may sell alcohol throughout the week, but no alcohol may be sold during curfew.


All tournaments must still take place behind closed doors. There is no change in the current position relating to spectators attending tournaments. Please note that this applies to all sport in South Africa – not just tennis.


Under all alert levels, including level 1, coaches are required to have a valid COVID-19 license to coach. Please ensure that you are compliant in terms of any possible Provincial requirements and that the District/Province informs TSA of your position as Provincial approval is required for the licenses to be issued.

Tennis SA – Player + 1 rule (Necessary Support Staff):

TSA is introducing an experimental rule for the month of March, whereby participants competing in all TSA sanctioned events are permitted a Plus 1. The Plus 1 may be a parent, coach or family member. In the event of a coach, the coach must present their valid March COVID Coaching License upon entry to the venue.

The Plus 1 is deemed to be “necessary support staff” to the player and is not a spectator. The Plus 1 is for the duration of the tournament and may not be changed on a daily basis.

All onsite regulations apply to the player and the Plus 1. In the event of the Plus 1 not following the necessary protocols, the Plus 1 may be asked to leave the venue and the player’s Plus 1 status revoked.

Each tournament will circulate the Plus 1 regulations to the participants.

With the Plus 1 being an experimental rule, TSA reserves the right to revoke this regulation at any time.

School Sports Calendar:

There has not been any directive in the new gazetted regulations regarding school sport and we await communication in this regard.

Credit: Tennis South Africa (TSA)