Glover to exit TSA at the end of 2021

Tennis South Africa (TSA) has announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Richard Glover, will step down from his position at the end of 2021.

Glover has decided not to extend his contract, as he feels this is the natural end of his leadership cycle, and that he is ready for a new challenge.

Speaking about the news Glover said: “This is very much my decision. Sometimes sports administrators overstay their welcome and cling on past their sell by date. I never wanted to do that and this feels like the natural end of my time at TSA. There are some things that I wish I could have done differently, but on balance I believe I will leave TSA in a better space than when I found it.”

TSA President, Gavin Crookes, has thanked Glover for his contribution: “Richard has been a ‘game changer’ for Tennis South Africa. His self-effacing personality, coupled with his ability to inspire and lead, underpinned by delivery and the creation of a level of trust never before experienced amongst Tennis South Africa’s many stakeholders, is testament to his success as our CEO. Richard’s ability to listen, guide and encourage within a challenging and competitive environment, whilst at all times keeping a measured, rational and objective perspective are attributes rarely found in society today.”

TSA Vice-President, Riad Davids, echoed Crookes’ comments: “Richard, from the start always delivered much more than what was expected. His ability to get everyone to buy-in, as well as to package and sell ideas and get commercial partners involved in tennis is a testament to his hard work and endurance. Tennis is much the richer for having been led by Richard and long may his legacy continue.”

Glover joined the Federation at the end of 2016 and during that time the TSA team has delivered many positive changes – including, but not limited to:

  1. A 400%  growth in annual revenue – by doubling membership numbers, signing and retaining multiple sponsors and securing a three year broadcasting partnership with the SABC.
  2. Increasing the number and quality of international events in the country – including hosting a prestigious ITF Junior Grade A and the return of ATP Challenger tournaments.
  3. Launching multiple grassroots initiatives – including Growthpoint National Development Centres, Growthpoint Top Guns – Club Champs, the BNP Paribas Coaches programme and the BNP Paribas RCS Rising Star Tennis schools project.
  4. Ensuring that the Federation and the wider tennis ecosystem remained sustainable during the COVID-19 pandemic.                 

“I would especially like to thank the TSA President, Vice-President and Board for their wisdom, guidance and support, as well as the excellent team at the TSA office, our extended network of provincial volunteers and our commercial partners for all that they do. Together we have sown many seeds on some very fertile ground and I am looking forward to seeing these seeds take root and grow into mighty oak trees in the coming years. I am especially excited to see a new CEO, with fresh ideas and energy, come in and build on what we have started. I have little doubt that the Federation will be able recruit an excellent replacement, who will take the organisation forward, in a way that I was unable to do,” added Glover.

TSA has already begun the search to find Glover’s successor. 

“A plan is already in place that will see the appointment of a suitable replacement for Richard. We expect that, with our growing profile, we will have a number of high-quality candidates emerge from the recruitment process. TSA is in a solid position – both on and off the court. We have a great operational team at the TSA office and strong strategic leadership and governance capacity at board level. We fully expect to continue our upwards trajectory over the next few years,” concluded Crookes.

Source credit: Tennis South Africa (TSA)